New Potato Technologies Classic Match Foosball


New Potato Technologies Classic Match Foosball

for iPad1 – Foosball for iPad2 – Foosball for iPad 3 (1001-01008)

This modern adaptation of the classic game foosball transforms your 30-pin iPad into a 3D virtual foosball playing field.
Setup is quick requiring you to simply connect your iPad to the table unit and install the rods and table legs then open the free downloadable app.
Once you’re ready to play you will have a variety of available options at your disposal such as providing you the opportunity to choose your playing
teams nationality, customizing your team and table colors, choosing your team sponsor and selecting between multiple playing fields and layouts.
Classic Match Foosball uses tournament foosball rules while also offering additional challenging game modes and allows for up to four person play.

  • Dazzlingly realistic foosball action!
  • One, two, three or four person play.
  • Powered by your iPad- no batteries or external power required.
  • Realistic game and crowd sounds.
  • Customize your table with selectable team colors.
  • 3D instant replay of every goal to recap the action.

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