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mart Compass Navigation

Beeline – Smart Compass Navigation for Bikes – Bluetooth GPS Bicycle Computer, Waterproof and Wireless

  • SIMPLE NAVIGATION – Beeline provides a clear, intuitive navigation interface. Just glance at the arrow and head that way!
    See direction and distance remaining easily
  • ROUTE NAVIGATION OR COMPASS MODE – hoose different styles of navigation to suit you.
    ‘Route Nav’ will direct you along a cycle friendly set route. ‘Compass’ style points towards your end goal and allows you to choose the route
  • LONG LASTING RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – 4 week battery life with daily use!
  • QUICK SETUP – Download the app on iOS or Android and get riding in only 2 minutes
  • UILT TO LAST – Beeline is wireless, waterproof, shock resistant and can be attached to any bike handlebar in a second

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