All-in-One Hammock Tent

flaying tent1

flaying tent


Flying Tent

  • ★ CAMPING HAMMOCK: PATENTED AWARD WINNING all in one functional design! Hammock tent, bivy tent, hammock and rain poncho. Made from heavy duty, ultra durable materials.
  • ★ CAMPING TENT: Convenient and versatile single-Person Bivy Tent on the ground. Or the flying tent can be used as a comfortable Hammock tent between two trees. Easy set up and easy tear down due to patented pop up design. High quality backpack is included for easy carrying.
  • ★ WATERPROOF: Stay dry and comfortable in the rain! The flying tent is waterproof therefore, so you as camper, backpacker, or biker can sleep in places where places it would be impossible to pitch a traditional tent, including wet ground, river beds and steep terrain.
  • ★ RAIN PONCHO: Patented and award winning flying tent instantly converts to rain poncho to keep you dry in rainy conditions.
  • ★ MOSQUITO NET: The integrated fine mesh mosquito net protects you from flying insects! The high quality mesh mosquito nets lets you relax and stare up at the stars while keeping you protected from annoying mosquitos and bugs!

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