Adjusting stand

  • Notice – Please be noticed that this type of tablet holder is good for reading and viewing only.
    When you tap on your tablet, because of its design principle of structure, it’s normal if it bounces and wobbles.
  • floor/bed side/sofa stand for all tablets/iPAD Pro/ipad/ipad air/ipad mini/MS Surface Pro 2.3
  • Hold all tablets (9-13″)or smartphone/iPhone/iPAD/upto 13 inch ( Compatible with iPAD Pro 12.9″)
  • height adjustable for best height. ( low 310mm:12.2 inch – 1020mm,:40.16 inch)- To get even higher,
    the legs can be slided inbetween bed mattress to get higher viewing position.
  • holder tilt up and down 180 degree so you can watch the screen flat down while lying on bed and turns 360 degree.,
  • The tablet holder turns 360 degree and height adjustable.

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